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For Providers: MINT PDO Thread Training

Natia Rufolo NP-C is a trainer for MINT PDO threads. Providers can take a private training course at our Cranford location with New Jersey’s PDO thread queen herself, and learn the basics of threading so that they can offer thread lifts at their own practice! The 4-hour training course includes an In-Person 1 Hour Lecture, Hands-On Training, and a Course Certificate. All trainees are responsible for bringing 2 models to their training.


MPT is a private training that allows medical professionals to learn in a 1:1 or 1:2 trainer to trainee setting.

Learn at your own pace and get personalized, comprehensive training to sharpen your PDO thread skills from our certified MINT™ KOLs.

To inquire about training, call our office at (908)460-6007


Visit the MINT Training page https://www.mintpdo.com/pdo-training-for-physicians

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